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In 1973, a research scientist in the Hindustan Unilever lab discovered that vitamin B3 could lighten skin colour when applied topically. Realising its potency and immense potential, he began exploring the possibility of using it to alter skin pigmentation.
The World’s First Fairness Expert
After two years of meticulous research and experimentation, the world’s first lightening cream, Fair & Lovely, was launched. Using 100% safe ingredients, it provided effective and visible fairness to women, and more than that, it provided hope. Hope to millions of women around the world, especially in Asia, who desired fairer and even-toned skin, for how it made them feel about themselves, and for how it made the world see them.
Fair &Lovely, the world's first fairness expert
40 Years of Innovation
Being firmly established as the global leading fairness cream doesn’t mean we stop innovating. It means we work harder at it than ever. Fair & Lovely had its genesis in a scientific discovery, and science is where the heart of our business always is. Through unceasing rigorous research and development, we seek to deliver fairness treatments with superior efficacy, to reach more and more women around the world.
40 Years of Innovation
Changing Faces, Then and Now
The World’s first, safe and effective skin lightening cream launched in 1975, impacting lives and transforming fairness of women all over the world.
Fair & Lovely – Cricket Commentator
Fair & Lovely gives hope to your dreams and expert like fairness.
Fair & Lovely – Equal Equal
Create your own identity. Fair & Lovely believes in inspiring an attitude of self-reliance & independence.
Impacting Lives of Women

Fair & Lovely has reflected a Women’s Dreams for the past 40 years. This is a brand, which has championed the deepest ambitions and desires of women. Throughout its history, Fair & Lovely has inspired women to go for their dreams, even if they were at odds with what society expected them to do. In the 80’s, when society expected women to marry mostly via arranged marriages, Fair & Lovely gave them hope that women could marry by choice. In the 90s, when women desired not just marriage but also an equal partnership, Fair & Lovely inspired them to believe that this was possible. In the 2000s, when society believed that a woman’s place was at home, Fair & Lovely encouraged her to choose her own career. And today, when despite much progress, women still don’t get equal opportunities and society continues to impose barriers for women, Fair & Lovely will give women the confidence to overcome their own hesitations & fears to achieve their true potential.

Fair & Lovely wants to create a positive change in the society in its own small way – by helping women get the confidence to pursue their dreams and ambitions.Fair & Lovely will do this by not just inspiring women but also enabling them by giving opportunities like higher education, career and entrepreneurship via the Fair & Lovely Foundation.

Impacting Lives of Women